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    Man, I just realized how Jeff and Annie totally seemed like a couple in this episode. They instantly group up, they do all of their weird chair maneuvers together and really commit to the bit. Plus the binoculars scene where they lean in close to each other was pretty cute.

    Idk, I’ve seen people complain about how shows get worse when the will they/won’t they couples get together, but if it would just be subtle stuff like this then I’m all over that.

    I want more, but I’m not complaining about what we’re getting.

    I like how it IS subtle. It isn’t a big deal. They just fit together.

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  5. "We make an amazing team!"
    "I know, we’re so in sync, like a perfect duet, or great se—"

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    Anonymous said: How do you like Annie so far this season? She's definitely grown up now and I reckon that could be a good thing for Jeff/Annie developments.

    Well, first and foremost, let’s talk about Annie for Annie, not Annie for Jeff/Annie.

    I’m digging her, for the most part. I DO miss the way she dressed, say..circa season 3. I thought she looked fantastic and peppy and fun. That said, I also like how she dresses now. I think she looks more adult, and professional, chic, and still very, very attractive. I like how she’s tough, and take charge, and still has her convictions, and doesn’t seem to have let things get her down too much, as was the impression I got in Re-Pilot.

    Now…there’s things I also don’t like. The obvious thing? Her big ‘spiking the punch’ secret from last episode. Drugging others isn’t cool. Now…I’m going to kinda sound like I’m forgiving that, but bear with me while I go all long-winded and such, as is my predilection.

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    Anonymous said: The Ass Crack bandit song has a lyric " Why you supose only the bandit knows ? " and i think thath i that moment Jeff and Annie are shown up. Could this mean something ? ( could this be that Jeff and Annie are secretly together ? )

    First and foremost, if you want what I think…I’d say no.

    That’s it. Just no. It doesn’t mean anything, and Jeff and Annie aren’t secretly together, as much as I partially love the idea.

    Let’s be honest…Annie’s not the type to have a Facebook boyfriend if she’s got a real (albeit secret) one. I think that one little (creepy-ass) secret that was revealed last episode firmly puts Jeff and Annie in the camp of ‘not together, but still possible someday.’

    Also, that Ass-Crack Bandit song…some lyrics have great meaning behind them. Some just fit the rhyming scheme well, and don’t sound out of place. Look at any song that puts any sort of nonsense lyrics in. Hell, even The Beatles did it with Hey Jude. Sometimes it just sounds good.

    I think that particular lyric (the ACB one) when read into from that direction, points in a dangerous way. It makes you start thinking that there’s a solution to the mystery. Let me put myself out there and say that I don’t think Jeff knows who the Bandit is, nor does Annie, nor Shirley, Britta, or Duncan. It certainly isn’t any single one of them, but could have been all of them working separately, or could be none of them. I would surmise that the writers don’t know who the ACB is, and even Dan Harmon doesn’t know. There isn’t supposed to be a resolution to the case. I doubt it’ll be revisited again (seeing as this was the second time we’d heard of the ACB, I count this as revisit #1,) and I don’t really think it needs to be. It was a plot device to set up for Shirley’s Wham Line reveal at the end, and to put Jeff and Annie together in a cute caper.

    As always, I could be wrong, but I’ll wait to be proven incorrect in this case.

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    Anonymous said: We have a very stron possibility for a renewal ! 24 episodes Britta and Duncan together ? JeffxAnnie wedding ? I have like thousand ideas ( while still being realistic ) what's your opinion ? p.s 100 episode can be REAL !!!!!

    My opinion?

    We’ll see it when we see it. Until we see a renewal, I’m not counting on one.  Until we see Jeff and Annie together, I’m going to enjoy what we’ve got, wish for more, and deal with what we don’t get. Britta and Duncan…I’m ambivalent about. It could be funny, or it could suck. It’s all in how it’s handled.

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